Terms and Conditions of Use (including Privacy Policy)

Hello and welcome to our Terms and Conditions of Use ("Terms"). This is important and affects your legal rights, so please read this and our Privacy Policy carefully. We hope You’re sitting comfortably.


1. User Agreement

General notes
This Agreement is concluded between Talabout ("Website") and a private person – visitor of the Website ("Visitor"). User Agreement determines the usage of the resources of the Website, provided by the Website Administrator for it, post information and communication.


1.1 Website Visitor

1.1.1 Visitor of the Website is any individual person coming to the Website without prior registration and authorization.
1.1.2 A Visitor who is registered and authorized using individual data becomes User of the Website.
1.1.3 The User has access to the advanced features provided on the Website.
1.1.4 In order to use the resources and capabilities of the Website, the User needs to accept the Terms of this Agreement.
1.1.5 You should not use the Website if you don't accept the Website Terms in this Agreement.
1.1.6 The Visitor should not use the Website and can not accept the Terms of the Agreement, if the Visitor has not reached the needed age for the conclusion of such Agreements or did not fulfill the other Conditions for the conclusion of such Agreements provided by the legislation of Ukraine.


1.2 Use of material

1.2.1 To use the resources on the Website, leave comments, post comments and chat conversations, — these functions are available only to registered Visitors — Users of the Website.
1.2.2 The User has the right to:

- to comment on the blog posts;
- to use the resources on the Website by other means that do not contradict the fundamentals of his activities;

1.2.3 All the materials are copyrighted by the Website, unless otherwise specified.
1.2.4 Copying materials from the Website without the prior written consent of the Administration is prohibited.
1.2.5 All registered titles, names, trademarks, symbols and slogans belong to their respective owners. On the materials of the Website Administration and Users are not obliged to use icons ® and / or ™ to designate them.


1.3 Rules of commenting and writing reviews

1.3.1 When writing the comment, the User must adhere to the established Rules and Regulations.
1.3.2 Ignorance of the Rules, including restrictions of the placing information and resources Website Visitor does not exempt (including the User) from the Website of their execution, and in the case of breach of responsibility in accordance with this Agreement and the legislation of Ukraine.
1.3.3 On the Website it is prohibited:

- abusive behavior towards other Visitors, representatives of the Administration of the Website;
- placement of obscene statements;
- publication of the harassing messages with the aim of provoking a strong reaction of other participants of the resource (trolling);
- placement of unauthorized advertising, commercial messages or advertisements;
- placement of materials containing offensive language, signs of discrimination on national, ethnic, racial or religious grounds;
- unauthorized material posted by Users, the copyrights on which are owned by third parties;
- promotion of computer and audio-video piracy in any form, the publication of links to files and / or sites directly violate or contribute to copyright infringement of third parties (torrent trackers, file sharing, warez sites);
- creation of accounts in which the User name mimics service names (Administrator, Moderator, etc.) or if the similar name is already registered;
- usage in messages capital letters, unneeded punctuation marks and special characters, except for the cases that are regulated by the rules of the language used;
- publication of a call for violent change or overthrow of the constitutional order, the seizure of state power; of changing the state borders of Ukraine; disturbances, destruction of property, seizure of buildings or structures; aggression or the unleashing of military conflict; Other actions and publication of any communications forbidden by the legislation of Ukraine;
- placement of posts (comments) which are repeated in full, in part or in meaning and content of previous messages (comments), including removed by Administration of the Website on the basis of this Agreement.

1.3.4 On the Website it is not recommended to post messages which are deprived of information overload and do not deal with the subject of the resource.


1.4 Responsibility for the placement of materials

1.4.1 As a part of the Website, it provides a platform for Users to communicate (interviews, forums, commenting system, etc.).
1.4.2 The responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained in the public sections of the Website (interviews, blogs, comments) rests solely with its author (User).
1.4.3 Public areas of the Website are the subject to moderate — checking by the Moderator or Administrator after posting messages here.
1.4.4 Administration of this Website may terminate the Agreement with the User at any time, including situation when the User has violated any provision of the Agreement or have acted in manner which clearly shows that the User does not intend to or is not able to comply with the provisions of the Agreement.
1.4.5 Moderator or Administrator, in case of violation of the user conditions of this provision may remove the information available, comment; lock the account; disable User access to the Website or prevent access by IP-address.


2. Privacy Policy Agreement

The procedure for collection, usage and disclosure of Information that may be considered confidential is carried out on the Terms. By accepting this Agreement or by visiting the Website, the Visitor automatically agrees to the terms of Privacy Policy Agreement regarding the usage of personalized and non-personalized confidential Information respectively.


2.1 Sources of Information

2.1.1 The Information questioning in that Agreement can be personalized (directly related to a particular person or associated with him/her) and non-personalized (data about Website Visitors obtained without committing to a specific person).
2.1.2 Information which is available for the Website is gathered in following ways:

- administration for all correspondence with Visitors of the Website by e-mail;
- information provided by visitors when registering on the site;
- technical information — data about Internet provider of Visitor, IP-address of the Visitor, the characteristics of the PC and software;
- statistics on the preferences of individual Visitors (theme of the viewed pages).

2.1.3 Confidential purposes of this Agreement may be considered only the Information stored in the Website Database which is encrypted and accessible only by Administration of the Website.

Information about a person which is provided by one's own free will in the general sections of the Website when filling up the registration form and available to any other User of the Website, or Information that can be freely obtained from other public sources is considered as "not confidential".


2.2 Security

2.2.1 Administration of this Website uses advanced technologies to ensure the confidentiality of personal data and data from registration forms left by Visitors on the Website to ensure maximum data protection.
2.2.2 Access to Personal Information of the User is provided through a system of authorization with login and password. The User is obliged to keep in safe all authorization data, and not to disclose it to third parties. Any changes to the Personal Information entered after authorization will be considered to be executed personally by User.
2.2.3 The collection, storage, usage, processing, disclosure of information received by Administration of a Website from visit of a private person (Visitor or User) of this Website and / or completing the registration form, including personal data of users is carried out by the Administrator in accordance with the laws of Ukraine. Private person (Visitor or User) realizes and gives consent to the collection and processing of their personal data by Administration of the Website under the terms of the User Agreement and Privacy Policy Agreement in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.


2.3 Information Usage

2.3.1 Administration is processing only the information that User provides of his/her own accord.
2.3.2 The administration has the right to process personal information about users obtained according to the sources listed in the "Sources of Information".
2.3.3 The administration may apply users' personal information to:

- do the services of the Website;
- rate the User's satisfaction about Website's services and to inform Users about new services and updates of the Website;
- settle of disputes and difficult situations;
- in another cases which Administration informs Users while asking the Private Information.

2.3.4 Administration can apply User's personal data for the purpose of sending messages (technical and administrative), news.
2.3.5 Administration uses tracking technologies (cookies) to gather personal information like browser type or operating system, reference page, the path to the site, domain, ISP, etc., in order to obtain general information on how the site is operated by the user. Cookies allow improving the Website in accordance with the requirements of its users.
2.3.6 Administration keeps all the information collected using cookies in a format that does not imply identity. Information, obtained through cookies, can not be disclosed to third parties. This information will not be transmitted to unauthorized third parties.
2.3.7 The information, collected about the user, shall not be disclosed to third parties, except in cases provided by the legislation of Ukraine.


2.4 In summary

2.4.1 By filling out the registration form on the Website, the Visitor automatically accepts the terms of this Agreement.
2.4.2 While processing the personal data of the User by the Administration, User has the same rights as the data subject under Art. 8. Law of Ukraine "On protection of personal data."
2.4.3 The visitor accepts the Terms in case of actual use of the Website. In this case, the User understands and agrees that the Administration of the Website will treat the usage of the Website by User as acceptance of the Agreement from that point onwards.
2.4.4 Website Administration activity is conducted in accordance with the laws of Ukraine. Any claims, disputes, the official requests will be dealt in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.
2.4.5 The User agrees that he is solely responsible for any breach of the Terms set forth in this Agreement and for the consequences of such violations (including any loss or damage which may be incurred by the Administration of the Website).
2.4.6 The Terms of this Agreement may be modified by site administration unilaterally. Text of the Agreement is available at http://talabout.com/terms