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Финляндия, Turku 19 ноября | 17:00

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Tempo Giusto is without a doubt one of the hottest acts in the trance scene in 2015. With the 2 TOP5 and 11 TOP20 trance hits on Beatport, Tempo Giusto has redefined driving tech trance and was named ’natural born leader within the world of tech’ by YourEDM. From A State of Trance to Global DJ Broadcast, Tempo Giusto’s productions are heard by hundreds of thousands of listeners around the world every month.

Predicted to become Finland’s biggest dance music export by Proteus (2x Best Hard Dance DJ on DJMag), Tempo Giusto has released music on Armada, Ultra, Black Hole and Lange Recordings among others. His recent singles include trance hits ’V12’ (#11 on Beatport), ’Cartel’ (voted #1 on Ferry Corsten’s radio show) and ’Benzin’ that charted on Beatport for over 2 months and was selected to Trance Nation compilation for Ministry of Sound.

Tempo Giusto is praised for his charisma and energy on stage – he has performed live in Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden, Russia, Romania and Slovenia among others. He is one of the resident DJs on the Monday Bar cruise events in Scandinavia, and broadcasts his 2-hour radio show Global Sound Drift monthly on AH.fm. Outside his artist career, Tempo Giusto has worked as a teacher for Point Blank Academy (awarded 6x best DJ & Production College on DJMag) and runs his own record label Echelon Records that has delivered numerous chart-breaking productions, featuring artists like Mark Sherry, Mike Koglin, Genix and M.I.K.E. on its artist roster.

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Who is your favorite artist now?

It’s hard to pick just one favourite artist but to name a few, recently I’ve enjoyed tracks by Simon Patterson, Mark Sherry and Ben Gold. Ferry Corsten used to be among my favourites when he made more dramatic and melodic trancers. Sander Van Doorn used to be pretty awesome when he worked on tech trance. Other names that come to my mind include Gagauz, Stephen Kirkwood, Interactive Noise, Jordan Suckley and Sam Jones.

Tempo Giusto

17:01 19 нояб. 2015

Hi Tuomas! Name three you think is the perfect track? 1 - the perfect melody? 2 - perfect the technical side of creating a track? 3 - perfectly combines these two components? Thank you.

A) Haha, another really tough one, don’t know if there is a perfect track :D But some tunes that I’ve really, really loved for their sound and uniqueness are for example the following: Sunny Lax - Reborn (Nitrous Oxide Remix), Ferry Corsten - Once and Simon Patterson - Bulldozer. And Sam Sharp - Roundabout (Sander Van Doorn Main Mix) was pretty awesome with the industrial percs and shuffling hihats.

B) Ferry Corsten - Once and Sunny Lax - Reborn like I already mentioned, Pulser - Sunseeker, Jay D. feat. Mat Zo & Einat – Silver Lining (Myon At Albion Vocal Remix). There’s many more of course but those have a pretty fantastic melody to them.

C) I guess all the tracks I’ve mentioned have quite good technical side, it’s hard to pick an example of a track which would be great just for its technical elements. But the most important elements is punchyness, bass-kick combo, clarity and space.

D) All the tunes above combine these elements quite well and have a great atmosphere.

Tempo Giusto

17:01 19 нояб. 2015

The last half of the year your tune melodic progressive slightly moved aside giving way to the explosive tech trance. It's good for the dance floor, but not everyone can stand to listen (for example at home) energetic & groovy tech trance long time. Although it depends on the preferences of the listener. If there will be time to start working on his album which side of the "Tempo" will prevail in the tracks? More melodic or driving more?

Yeah, in the past year I’ve moved towards more club friendly material and I will continue to work on this in the near future. I’ve done a lot of more melodious works in the past but right now I’m really into the big and driving bass lines, slightly raw and striking leads, and the overall energy tech trance has. I might work on a 3rd album at some point and in that case I will of course add more melodious material there as well.

Tempo Giusto

17:01 19 нояб. 2015

Hi! How about vinyl? ;-)

Andrey Rubleff

13:34 19 нояб. 2015

I’ve never really played with vinyls except when I destroyed some as kid on my father’s vinyl player. I personally like all the digital and modern things so I like today’s advances in technology. However, I hope to get to try vinyls at one point, I’ve heard they’ve got a good feeling and great sound to them, something you don’t get with CDs nor USB of course.

Tempo Giusto

17:01 19 нояб. 2015


Hi mate. 1st. - Best 3 releases from Echelon [all time]. 2nd. - Future releases - on what labels?

Andre Vakarchuk

16:51 19 нояб. 2015

1) Quite a tough one, dang. I have a hard time picking 3 best ones just like that but will name a few. It depends on if I think things regarding the sales or style but I'll go for the latter, one of the biggest releases was V12 from myself - got great support and sold very well. Then there was of course my other release Blacksmith which so far is our best-selling release on Echelon. Recent two releases, "Gagauz - 7 Spaces" and "Feeler - Black Fame" were pretty cool, and the Grant Lewis releases like "As You Were", that was an insane track that I played a lot on live sets. If this question was about my own releases, I'd say V12, Dodger and Blacksmith/Cartel.

2) If we're talking about my own releases, I'm having upcoming tracks on Kearnage, Outburst and Create, and all of those are pretty great. My next Outburst release for example has gotten absolutely fantastic feedback from the crowd so looking forward to that one!

Tempo Giusto

17:07 19 нояб. 2015

Hello Tempo!) After half a year will be held 100 Global Sound Drift. Have you thought how to celebrate it?

Sveta Buholdina

17:03 19 нояб. 2015

Hi Sveta! Yeah, we've been thinking about that and have already plans for it but I can't confirm or say anything in public at this point. But we'll try to organize something special definitely, it's a big number and that means I've done worked on Global Sound Drift for over 8 years :p

Tempo Giusto

17:08 19 нояб. 2015

C "

Did you see the Video from Arnej? what do you think about new artist & styles? who's is hot for you as next about individual Productions?

Christian "Zengi"

16:02 19 нояб. 2015

Hi Christian! Don't know which video we're talking about here exactly. There are a lot of new artists out there and producing is easier than ever before so that means there is also a lot of music to go through. So all new artists who truly have their own style and the quality is good for their productions, they should keep on doing their thing as eventually they will stand out from the "mass". At the moment trance is doing better and particularly the clubbier styles like tech trance, technoish and psyish trance is doing great, and I personally like all these styles so the change has been good for me. Some next hot names for me include guys like Jamie Walker, Yuji Ono, Johnny Yono (although he's not really a new name), Sam Jones and Stephen Kirkwood. They all have quite an unique style.

Tempo Giusto

17:13 19 нояб. 2015

Spring the label has launched a project - competition "T3 – Tech Trance Trust" with a prize of $ 500. Tell us a little about it. And the winner is?

Yeah, we wanted to support new artists that are trying something new and make tracks that truly stand out. The basic meaning/purpose for that was to simply find a great track that would suit the label and then reward the artists with a $ 500 prize for the track + release of course. Unfortunately we didn't find a track that would have fit the style, we receive lots of tracks but they were more of uplifting and progressive side. So hence for the first project we couldn't name a winner. We might put a new competition up in the future to seek that great tech trancer.

Tempo Giusto

17:18 19 нояб. 2015

What is it that bad?))) Everyone wants to get on the "Armada"?))) Then another long time you will not have competitors in the tech trance)))

The largest and most famous labels always of course have the best influence in the scene, and many go for that. Most labels also have frontmen who in a way "own" the label. For Armada it's Armin Van Buuren, for Vandit it's Paul Van Dyk, for FSOE it's Aly & Fila. So if you release with these labels, it usually guarantees a better support from the big names.

The positive side about dance music is that it's digitally released so hence there can be a lot of competition. There are already lots of smaller and mid-sized labels that offer good marketing and promotion for the releases, and can also push tracks up quite high on charts. But an artist has two options - to release his single with a large and famous label or a small but unique label, most will choose the large label. And I personally understand this of course, a large label can reach more people in the optimal situation and have a stronger promotional network.

Tempo Giusto

17:31 19 нояб. 2015

Tell about the club of modern Europe. What is it now? Trends? What now draws the attention of the «european clubber»?

Sveta Buholdina

17:18 19 нояб. 2015

I guess the biggest and most famous modern clubs of Europe are somewhat the same what they've bee in the past 10 years - Ministry of Sound in London, Amnesia in Ibiza and so on. There are of course some new ones but I think the biggest risers have been festivals all around the world that combine EDM and trance together. In the past 5 years EDM and progressive house has definitely been the most popular and in demand style but this year trance and psytrance has also gotten bigger. So faster dance music is also getting more notice and many are actually waiting to see what is the next "big thing".

It depends a bit on the clubber - some go for the more commercial sound and some less but I think the rise and popularity of EDM and progressive house has also attracted a lot of new people to smaller subgenres like trance for example. Overall what draws people to events are the DJs and names - basically the more famous, the more people the event will attract.

Tempo Giusto

17:24 19 нояб. 2015

In October the record label Lange Recordings has released the track "Jackhammer". What is your impression from working with Stephen and Lange? Describe the role of each in creating this track? If you had the chance to work in the same spirit, who would you choose as a partner?

We had a lot of fun with Stephen and Stuart (Lange), I was in London for some two days to work on that track. There weren't any specific roles for any of us, everyone gave opinions on what should we do. I personally participated on the drums, bass line and melodic themes. Also took part of some transitional effects, cuts and drops etc. Overall I got the impression that both of them know how to do quality tunes and thesedays that's always something to respect, being able to create your own productions from start to finish.

Some names that I'd love to work with and know the result would be wicked cool would be for example Simon Patterson, Ferry Corsten, Mark Sherry, JOC, Standerwick and Ben Gold. I've been lucky in the sense that I've actually gotten a chance to work with some of the names I've admired so you can keep your eyes open for that :) ! I always prefer working in studio face to face rather than online, hence I haven't done many collabs with other people than my good and close friend Jace Headland and my oldest brother Ima'gin.

Tempo Giusto

17:42 19 нояб. 2015

So you can spend all the fees on flights, to create the tracks "head to head")))

Yup, that's what I've personally done so far with all collaborations, worked face to face with the other artist(s). It's much more fun that way, you can go out and have dinner, talk about life, have a beer or two and then continue again. Although right now I'm actually working on my first collab which won't happen in real life, will see how that turns out, good I hope :p

Tempo Giusto

18:04 19 нояб. 2015

I really liked Your reload on Skyfall! Adele has recently released a new single "Hello". Will we hear Your version?)))

Sveta Buholdina

17:40 19 нояб. 2015

Haha I don't know, the original mix of 'Skyfall' was something I really enjoyed already, the vocals and overall feeling was kind of melancholic and emotional. The tempo was also good so it was easy to work with it. I will try to find a new track at some point that I can put out as a free bootleg, something similar to the Skyfall Remix.

Tempo Giusto

17:45 19 нояб. 2015

Firsthand you need to know about «ghost-production». Did you such offers from big record labels? Is it hard to now have to compete mid-level labels with the «big bosses»? How to confront them?

I have gotten some offers on ghost producing yes but can't reveal the names on these labels/artists. So far I've only done production for other genres than trance though.

It is tough to compete of course since the larger the company, the larger the budget and influence. But the good thing about dance music is that all DJs are always looking for that next big hit and something people haven't heard yet so they need your music. So in that sense it doesn't matter whether it is a small, mid-sized or a large label, if the track is good enough and stands out, it can still receive great support and do well in sales. There are really no ways to confront the large labels, you can just try to make great music and hope people pick your track.

Tempo Giusto

18:02 19 нояб. 2015

From the last two performances in Osaka and London, what did You like better? Where the audience is crazy?)))

Sveta Buholdina

18:03 19 нояб. 2015

Can't really pick either one, I loved both. I was maybe more surprised about Osaka as I was told by another DJ that the audience there is more calm but in fact they went nuts as well :D I was also taken care of very well in both cities so had just as much in them, hopefully will get to play both again.

Tempo Giusto

18:07 19 нояб. 2015

Hi, Tempo!! What's your favorite place in the world? Some for relax?))

Ann Chumachenko

18:06 19 нояб. 2015

Hi Ann! I think I would pick my summer place during the Summer. I usually go there with the family or close friends and always leave my work home. So last Summer for example I was there with some good friends, we played DJ sets together, talked about life, did some great food and spent plenty of time in saunas of course, Finnish tradition ;) You have your own privacy as well and can play tennis there so overall it's pretty comfortable.

Tempo Giusto

18:12 19 нояб. 2015

What do you like more: mountains or seaside or your variant?

Ann Chumachenko

18:19 19 нояб. 2015

That's a tough one, I like both. I guess it depends on the atmosphere and weather as well - if it's horribly cold near the mountains, then I'm more about the seaside :p But mountains can be quite beautiful and inspirational so not a bad choice. We don't have that a lot in Finland so hence being close to sea is more common.

Tempo Giusto

18:21 19 нояб. 2015

Plans reveal little about upcoming releases: date, label, style? Do you plan to release tracks under the alias Tonearts?

I actually don't have any specific dates to give you but I've got releases coming out on Kearnage, Outburst, Create and Echelon. These include "Jaws Reloaded" with my brother Ima'gin which you can actually download for free, then a collab with Jace Headland called "Tranceborn". Then I've got three solo singles coming out as well but can't reveal the names yet, haven't actually 100% decided what they are, haha.

I might do a ToneArts project sometime next year just to go for something different for a change but at the moment don't have any productions like that.

Tempo Giusto

18:15 19 нояб. 2015

"Tranceborn" we heard it in the new Global Sound Drift?))

Perhaps :D !

Tempo Giusto

18:21 19 нояб. 2015


Hi, Tuomas. Really great to see you there.
You made a live studio sessions few weeks ago. So how do you think about full-motion video with detailed description of one of your track creation. It will be сool theme for all tech-trance producers :)

Gagauz Sergey

18:21 19 нояб. 2015

Hiya buddy! I've been thinking about that but kind of don't want to go full on to show everyone what I do in detail, I'm scared people will steal my sound, haha :D But might do something like that in the future, just have to find the right project. I also don't have a proper studio right now so would prefer to do it once I get a new one arranged for myself.

Tempo Giusto

18:28 19 нояб. 2015

Hello and welcome to #talabout! Have you ever been to Ukraine? If someone invites you here on event you won't be afraid to come here? And it's also interesting what do they say on TV about Ukraine in Finland...

Hi there! I've never been to Ukraine, was close to visiting Kiev at one point but never did. I haven't actually thought about that, I guess that depends a little bit on the person who organizes the events. I've heard it's been quiet regarding trance events there though so don't know if and when that will change.

Ukraine was on news and TV much more some 6-12 months back, we haven't really read that much about it recently. Maybe that's why I've thought that things have calmed down a bit, is that the case? Hope so.

Tempo Giusto

18:31 19 нояб. 2015

Your forecast regarding the future of the EDM scene?

I think psytrance and techier, clubbier trance will continue to rise. Overall I think the faster type of trance will get more attention. The EDM/progressive house type of music will probably change towards deep house or techno, some might even try to go for trancier material. It's always hard to predict this kind of stuff, I guess we can only wait and see. But trance has gotten bigger in the past 1-2 years so that's great!

Tempo Giusto

18:33 19 нояб. 2015

How much fresh pineapple affect tech trance production?))))

Oh pineapple is a serious tool that can make any trance producer create amazing productions :D Haha, I've just tried to leave out candy and stuff like that so rather eat fruits. Less sugar, more vitamins and fibre!

Tempo Giusto

18:34 19 нояб. 2015

Of course! To turn "wind mill" is thoroughly refreshed!))) Watch BOTY or the Red Bull BC ONE ?

Haha not really no, people do probably some insane tricks on those. It's quite an amazing sport, kind of regret that I quit doing that a few years back.

Tempo Giusto

18:40 19 нояб. 2015

As configured before the set? Is there any ritual?)

No ritual really, just nervously looking through my USB songs again and again. Then 1-2 beers before the to get to the mood, that's it :p

Tempo Giusto

18:45 19 нояб. 2015

In London you must be one beer is not escaped))))

Haha well nah, nobody makes you drink if you don't want to but I tend to think a beer or two makes me calmer before a set, otherwise I'm too excited. But usually after 1-2 tracks I start to relax and get really into it :)

Tempo Giusto

18:54 19 нояб. 2015


Hi, Tempo! What is your daily regimen? How much time do you spend daily in your music busness?

Sveta Tsybulskaya

18:43 19 нояб. 2015

Hi Sveta! I only work with music at the moment so I'd say every day I put some 5-8 hours into music. But basically my daily schedule is to do a workout, then answer mails and handle social media, food, meeting people/friends, work on music or mixes, more food and that's about it. Sometimes I'm busier and sometimes less busy :)

Tempo Giusto

18:47 19 нояб. 2015


Please tell me your formula for success:) In the music industry. What qualities should have successful artist today.

Gagauz Sergey

18:53 19 нояб. 2015

That's a very tough one, there's no real one formula that would work for everyone. I've basically kept working on my sound, done what I think sounds good, and now things are going quite well. One thing that I could advice to do better is to connect better with other DJs and artists - meet up with them, create connections and get them to support you, that can help a lot with support and gigs.

But to be successful you need to have the following:
1) Your own music
2) An image of some kind
3) Good connections to labels and DJs
4) A good marketing/promotion for your name so that people hear your name and see it around

Tempo Giusto

18:57 19 нояб. 2015

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